Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An ode to the office toaster

I just received this email from my boss:

----------------------- Original Message -----------------------
To: All 
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 14:22:24 +0200
Subject: Sandwich toaster
Hi All,

The sandwich toaster (I could call it a Snackwich but I fee like that's a trademark so I won't) is dead. Long live the sandwich toaster!

Someone dropped it, and the plastic case cracked and compressed onto the heating element. Consequently, when it was used, it emitted a foul-smelling plastic burning odour that got me worried about where our nearest fire extinguisher was.

If there is significant (or even overwhelming) motivation, we can replace it. Vote by returning this e-mail with a Yes or No reply.

We mourn the loss. Personal acts or mourning may involve eating non-toasted sandwiches for a day, or a week, or bringing cold toasted sandwiches from home. (Personally, I wasn't that close.)

+ Boss (no he doesnt sign boss I changed his name in case you know him haha)

My lovely poetic response:

On 2011-07-13 14:56, Carlette wrote:
My ode the dear sandwich toaster:
Toaster toaster where for art thou toaster
your sizzling heat made me comfortable in my work seat
so much so that life without you
is terribly blue
There's something so comforting about melted cheese, wrapped in a crisp buttery blanket of bread
So please, do not bury the toaster forever
Because without it, life will be like a ball of "whatever".

I thank you and look forward to meeting the new toaster! :)

hahaha I thought he might appreciate the humour especially because our office is going through some tough times. His response below (I think he smiled a bit)

"I can see productivity levels are at an all-time high :-)

Vote acknowledged."

Can you tell that I was not poetically inclined in school and nothing much has changed hahaha


Cilla said...

Hahahaha!! Our world needs more BOSSES like that!! Awesome (and loved your response!) xx

NuNuZa said...

hahaha that they do!!

I love that I can reply with random ish like that and they accept it :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! So glad our found your blog! I am in Benoni...the curry house is in Boksburg...where are you?

Love your reply to your boss...classic!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that comment was from me, Hayley

CityGirl said...

Nunuza! Have just found your blog :) Was lovely meeting you at Wolves the other night...even though we didn't get much time to chat.
Looking forward to catching up on your blog!

NuNuZa said...

Ahh thanks Hayley...I wish the curry house was in Hyde POark or parkhurst! Maybe I should take a drive one day to Boksburg cos hell that looks divine!!

Roxy - it was good meeting you too!! I tried clicking on your website link and it says profile not available. I hope you get to see this comment and let me know how I can follow your blog?

Carlette :)