Friday, July 22, 2011

Dinner for 2 to the power of 2.

P squared – Prego and Potatoe

T has been working late lately and when this happens, I somehow lose my lustre for exotic cooking, Not wanting to starve myself or constantly eat take-away's, I opted to make something simple, quick yet still tasty – I call it p-squared :)

Side note: I always opt to cook the starch first, as it takes longer to make than the Pregos *however* because Pregos take long to marinate, they appear first in this recipe list. 

2 cups of white wine
5 minute steaks (I bought mine from Pick n Pay)
1 generous spoon of garlic( less if you're not a fan of garlic)
A good pinch of salt
1 tsp meat tenderiser
Drizzle of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) (Think Jamie Oliver drizzle)

Place steaks in glass bowl and smother in wine, spice, salt and garlic. Allow to marinate for a few hours, The longer the better. You could marinate the night before you intend to cook it. Or throw it together before you leave for work in the am – bottom line is the longer it marinates, the better it will turn out :)

Gently fry the steaks in a hot pan that's been drizzled with EVOO.
Add some of the marinade to the pan while steaks are frying. They don't need to fry for more than approx 5 minutes (these steaks are very thin)

Potatoe Bake
6 medium sized potatoes (I used 7 for good measure :))
400ml cold milk
Royco spring onion potatoe bake mix (Yes I know foodies reading this are probably frowning upon this as some see it as cheating – yes I cheated this one time :))
3 sprigs spring onion – chopped (Optional)
Cayenne pepper (Optional)
Generous Splash of Cream (Optional)

Slice the potatoes into thin slices and layer in oven proof dish.
If you're adding spring onions, add them now by sprinkling over the potatoes
Mix Royco mix according to packet instructions and pour over the potatoe bake. (If you're adding cream, mix it into the Royco mix or pour a generous amount over the potatoes)
If using Cayenne Pepper, add some now before putting dish in oven.
Bake at 180 degrees celcius for an hour.

When complete, add some grated cheddar to the dish and grill for few minutes until cheese reaches desired “golden brown” colour. I like the taste of slightly overcooked cheese so usually leave it in for quite a few minutes.

Serve with some veggies or salad. Lick yo lips!! :)

It's 10:06 and T is still not home. So glad I've already had dinner :)

This post was written the other day! Thankfully today is FRIDAYand I am looking forward to lots of QT with him yayyyy :) :) 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! 

PS: It's even better to make this over the weekend because you marinate them tonight and cook them tomorrow later afternoon....juicy! Lick yo lips :)


CityGirl said...

yum yum and yum!!! Can I come the next time you make something as delicious looking as this?? xx

NuNuZa said...

yes u are most definitely welcome!! :)