Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What did u do last night??

I was in the mood to try something different yesterday...I rushed to the grocery some random ingredients (cream, basil, fish, bran, cup cake holders, and and and) and threw everything together when I got home...

The result....a yummy creamy fish spaghetti dish....served with caramalised onions (did I mention that I love caramalised OnIOnS?!?!?!?! - Yes I do...probably not so good to eat if ure going on a first date but I have a loving man who loves with my onion breath hahaha)..All of that was served with some yummy Merlot..just one glass! Good for your health and sense of humor :) Someone out there wull probably frown at this combination, but there is no rule book when it comes to taste buds! 

Dinner down.. 

There is no set recipe for this dish as it really was a "throw-together-get-in-mytummy-now" dish! I used hake, fresh basil, garlic, butter for the fish..ordinary spaghetti (500 grams) and 500ml fresh cream...I love chillies so I added some to my dish as well. Fresh red chillies. 

Fish in the pan.. I added garlic, basil and butter to this mix
"CarMAlised Onions" :)
Fresh pretty and earthy and fresh!
End result...creamy pasta!


FMD. said...

Huuum i love eat !!!

NuNuZa said...

thanks thanks :)

Kalliebree said...

mmmm I coming to dinner at your house. Since we both live in JHB it's actually possible..wink wink yum.
Thanks so much for following Safarafly and commenting :)
We should definitely try and meet up in the offline world :)

NuNuZa said...

Kalliebree I dont know why my comment didn't show and I replied like 4 days ago nxa..

Meeting up would be good!! Dinner at my house would be good too! LOVE ur blog!