Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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But I realised that this qas written 2 years ago and Survivor was on TV...Guess what...Survivor is currently on SABC3! hahaha Freaky

All the talk yesterday about mashed potatoe on brightsides' blog made me hungry..and seeing that potatoes are my poison, I decided to ditch the healthy eating for one night and indulge!!!

Soooo I made mashed potatoe !!

boil potatoe in water and however u decide to make it *wink wink*. BUTTT hold on...the mash was missing an important ingredient!! BUTTER!!! I always make my mash with salt, pepper, milk n butter but seeing that we're trying to be healthy our house, we haven't bought butter for 2 months...mash was a boring... (how else do u make mash creamy without using butter)

Couldn't eat the mash alone so I decided to lightly fry some fish. I usually mix flour, fish spice and egg for the batter but was lazy so decided to ditch the egg (but more on this later ;).
  • Hake Fillets cut into quarters
  • Roll fish quarters in the flour and fish spice mixture (about a quarter cup of flour and 2 spoons of fish spice - depends on how much fish u're doing)
  • add to frying pan...fry lightly on either side till u think it's done ;o)
  • Fish is done...set aside
Was wishing for a gravy of some sorts so decided to make a 'deluxe' baked bean gravy (ingredients below):
  • 1 onion
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • coriander
  • basil
  • some curry powder
  • 1 can of baked beans in tomatoe sauce
  • ALL GOLD tomatoe sauce (I prefer all gold but any tomatoe sauce would work) 
Finely chop the onion and add it along with the garlic and ginger to some oil. Fry until golden brown. Chop coriander and basil and add that to the same pan. Then add the curry powder (i used one spoonfull of mother in law spice) cook for a few minutes (like the spice to cook before adding anything else). Now add Baked Beans and stir all together ;) You could do this in order I guess - it wouldn't make a difference (don't think it would) Then add tomatoe sauce and leave to simmer for few minutes.

"Dinners ready babe" .....

But wait....I remembered that I wanted to make "CARMALISED" onion *haha* so decided to finely chop one onion...kinda fried it till it was 'soft' then added sugar (carmalised in my mind = sugar+onion) fried a little longe till thought it was ready! Got my loving boyfriend to test! (drum roll.....) was toooo sweet! So we decided to add vinegar! Ta daaaaaa....we have sweet n sour onions!!

And finallllyyyy dinner was time for us to watch survivor!

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