Wednesday, July 14, 2010

***My budget beater dessert***

(this is an old post from my old blog home)

hahahaha I am so freaking broke it's so sad i tell u and my kitchen cupboards are bloody empty! It was kinda cold and that made me wish for a 'cakey-desserty' tasting summin...sooo I made the following:

Ting's January-Cheapest-Dessert-ever hahah
Slice of white bread
butter - as much as u want
sugar - as much as u want

Spreeaaaaddddd butter on the bread (I used about a tsp of butter), toss some sugar on (i used about a tsp here as well ;) and then pop into the microwave...not for long though..u just want the butter to melt a bit..

Voila!!!!!! Dessert in seconds! haha

I even rolled my bread into a swiss roll looking thing to make it look a little different! I've also added cinnamon and sugar to the bread - ahh lovely!

I enjoyed it soooooo much that I had 3 more slices ;) (smack on the wrist)

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