Tuesday, September 13, 2011

JHB Summer Rains the keeper of my soul


I love love love love ...breathe...looooveeeeee JHB storms!!! Tonight, we were blessed with the very first showers of Spring/Summer. I knew the bleeding moon and red tainted sky would bring something beautiful!

This is an unedited image of the night sky. Think the aliens are coming? ;)

I look forward to the next few months of fantastic thunder, lightning and an abundance of showers of blessings.And they really are just that...blessings...regardless of their strength..or maybe its just me. I'm moved by things like the moon, sun, wind, rain, ocean.....

Happy Days are here again 


Anonymous said...

I so miss the thunder storms :)

NuNuZa said...

Ahh man..they are the best and unfortunately they don't get any better than the JHB ones. Im looking forward to the next one :)