Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Winter warmer

There's nothing.....well there a few things better than curry in winter. The heat on your lips and tongue somehow warms your entire body. Then again, that could just be me and how my body works.

Homemade curry is a winner in my books and the hotter it is, the better. I made this beef curry on Sunday for a breaking mix and Hellas bells it went down oh so good. I really wish I could share the recipe, but the spices used were of the premix nature (where u just buy, snip, pour into pot and mix) an allow your nostrils to be filled with the awesome aroma of the marrying of spices. The specific mix I bought can't be purchased from a little Indian store at the buccleuch shopping centre in buccleuch (Jhb) 😁

My next one will be more authentic!!

Oh- I'm also trying to eat healthier so to increase the nutritional value of this meal I ate half a cup of Breyani and added half a cup of grilled baby marrow (courgettes) to the meal. It didn't remove anything from the meal - in fact it added to it. Just an idea 😜

Thursday, June 14, 2012