Monday, December 20, 2010

**All in the spirit of giving**

I made some cupcakes this past weekend...well quite a few..made more than 150 cupcakes (I had an order) so you can imagine how many were actually left over..I knew that T and I couldn't eat all of them so I opted to give them away...but instead of just handing them out as I sometimes do, I opted to package them with some pretty know all in the spirit of xmas..

I cannot give the homeless people a roof over their heads, but I was able to give them cupcakes. Someone said to me the other day “well that's stupid because they don't need sweet things, they need food” - but what's wrong with giving them something sweet? Maybe for that one moment while eating the cake, they actually got to enjoy something that they don't have often...

I hope that tonight they had a small chance to enjoy the festive season...

My heart is pleased...The gift of giving is always beautiful!

I'm a sucker for weddings..

 I really am..everything about them, I love! There has only been one wedding, in my 27yrs of existence where I did not cry..and it was probably because I was ill or something (I can't quite remember).

 I think its the amount of love in the room that gets to me!! I cry when the bride walks down the isle. I cry when the bride and groom say their vows. I vry when the priest says I now pronounce u husband and wife...arghhh its a ball of emotions man..

I hope that  I can turn off my taps when I get married..wouldn't want to spoil my photos by having an ugly oprah cry! I'll save that for the engagement haha

Lauren + JP from Matt Odom on Vimeo.

PS: video taken from Apricot Tea 

Ke DEZEMBA aka it's december ..

And with that, comes good times. Lotsa sunshine, relaxing, braaing, chatting - LOVE it!!

Be safe out there people!

Cos you're a star..

Oh Nicki and Em how do I love thee - let me count the ways