Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feel Good Pick Me Up

I've just been so franctic lately! Sure we all know that feeling of almost drowning and how hard it can be to breathe sometimes...

took sometime out this morning to visit a friends blog, littlemissconceptions, and she had posted the following video..

UBER cool!!

Take 2minutes out of ur day to watch it......Tongue out

Can't think of a better word to describe how COOL it is..My old english teacher would murder me for abusing this word hahaha

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You like presents?!?!

I LOVEEE receiving presents...It doesnt matter what's on the inside but there is just something exhilerating about opening a present..

maybe its the excitement to find out what's inside..but for me the excitement is all about the wrapping and pretty brght bows..and the slow way in which you untie the bow or the fast way you rip off the paper...

either way

we all love receiving presents ;) ;)

It's my uncles birthday this coming weekend and he stays in Swaziland..I can't DHL a cake to him, nor can I get my mom to take one down with her (she is going this weekend and the chocolate would melt ruining my pretty designs) so the next best thing ,,,is biscuits..but these..are not ur ordinary biscuits...these are super melt in your mouth balls of goodness (that sounds so wrong but get ur mind out of the gutter hahaha)

Affectionately know as KOURAMBIETHES or as I call them (seriously) "melt in your mouth balls"! Its the young crazy chick in me...

So I stayed up until 1 last night making these...I hope they get to Swaziland safely...
- I hope they don't get devoured on the way there...
- I hope my uncle enjoys opening this box of goodies as much as I love receiving pressies...
- I hope the family all enjoy them!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Flops never hurt no1

My friends son turned 2 this weekend and I was "commissioned" to make Barney cupcakes. The initial plan was to have the actual image of Barney on the cake, but the official catering company was doing that and after much discussion we decided to make something different..

the plan was to make plain vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing - using the colours of Barney (purple, green and yellow) 9 YES yellow features in Barney not ON Barney) :)

I spent Friday nighr preparing the goods (along with other orders that I had) so only slept at 1 am. woke at 7am to decorate the goodies...
finally we leave the house....all im thinking is how happy I am that my friends ordered from me for a PARTY! Yay...
The sun was beltering on saturday so I opted to move the box of cupcakes from my lap (out of direct sunlight) to the floor (cool shade)

I don't know what the F happened but in a SPLITTT second, my beautiful piping was DE-STROY-ED!!! SH* man.. I was so sad I burst into tears (I think it was fatigue) but shoo I cried..and cired some more...

Good news though is that the kiddies still ate the cupcakes (the ones that looked good) and they preferred them to the catering companies that made my day! :)

What an experience!

Friday, October 01, 2010