Monday, December 20, 2010

**All in the spirit of giving**

I made some cupcakes this past weekend...well quite a few..made more than 150 cupcakes (I had an order) so you can imagine how many were actually left over..I knew that T and I couldn't eat all of them so I opted to give them away...but instead of just handing them out as I sometimes do, I opted to package them with some pretty know all in the spirit of xmas..

I cannot give the homeless people a roof over their heads, but I was able to give them cupcakes. Someone said to me the other day “well that's stupid because they don't need sweet things, they need food” - but what's wrong with giving them something sweet? Maybe for that one moment while eating the cake, they actually got to enjoy something that they don't have often...

I hope that tonight they had a small chance to enjoy the festive season...

My heart is pleased...The gift of giving is always beautiful!

I'm a sucker for weddings..

 I really am..everything about them, I love! There has only been one wedding, in my 27yrs of existence where I did not cry..and it was probably because I was ill or something (I can't quite remember).

 I think its the amount of love in the room that gets to me!! I cry when the bride walks down the isle. I cry when the bride and groom say their vows. I vry when the priest says I now pronounce u husband and wife...arghhh its a ball of emotions man..

I hope that  I can turn off my taps when I get married..wouldn't want to spoil my photos by having an ugly oprah cry! I'll save that for the engagement haha

Lauren + JP from Matt Odom on Vimeo.

PS: video taken from Apricot Tea 

Ke DEZEMBA aka it's december ..

And with that, comes good times. Lotsa sunshine, relaxing, braaing, chatting - LOVE it!!

Be safe out there people!

Cos you're a star..

Oh Nicki and Em how do I love thee - let me count the ways

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As a South African, you must have ONCE in your lifetime heard the call from a lady-with-a-powerful-voice shouting MIIEEELLIIIIEEESSSSSSS! Now yes I am generalising when I say that only South Africans have had the pleasure of experiencing this, I could be wrong?

My little sister was actually scared of the ladies who sold mielies...well it wasn't them that she scared was the mieeeliiiieeesss chant that scared her..for some reason she thought they were calling her! hahaha poor child

Yesterday I had another nostalgic moment - seems to be happening often lately..This time however, the women wasn't shouting out mielies but rather sitting on the side of the road quietly with her produce on was cold..and raining..and I was lazy to cook!

~hmmm this pic is making my mouth water all over again!!~

So we had mielies for dinner...Cost me R12 for 2 mielies...cheapest dinner T and I have had in a longgggg time!
Dont know when last we had them..oh it was divine!! So simple yet so...sustaining..I had to add some salted butter though...just to gve it that extra oomph...*licklipsdelisch*

Monday, November 22, 2010

PB and J S...;)

....aka Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich
My simple pleasure..and oh my simple treasure..

This used to be my moms FAVOURITE meal (she thinks she’s allergic to peanut butter now)! And yes it was a meal...if she had this, there would be no need for dinner or “real” food. If not had as a meal, it would be out late night ‘snack’ while we discussed everything from school, to our futures to life to boys to love to happiness, sadness– basically everything and anything.

So from a young age we got to appreciate the pleasure a simple peanut butter and jam sandwich brings...but oh don’t be fooled, this simple treat can go from hero to zero if not made properly. Of course the word properly is a relative term here!

  • My fave way of making it is with a good thick spread of salted butter (the unsalted version doesn’t do much for me)
  • A thick layering or BLACK CAT PEANUT BUTTER (I unfortunately or fortunately am a sucker for Black cat and refuse to eat any other brand of peanut butter)
  • And finally...a good dollop of jam! My favourites wander between apricot jam and rasberry jam..I don’t do the likes of mixed fruit and marmalade (unless the marmalade is served with figs and good cheese) J

This, was my simple indulgent treat on Sunday morning..enjoyed with a good cuppa coffee, sitting on the floor, with legs crossed....I was 12 again ;)

Some history on peanut butter and jam or rather peanut butter and jelly (as some people refer to it).
For those who care, the calorie count in a PB and J sandwich - everything within moderation I say!!

Side note : I just realised that if I rearranged the letters in the title of my post, they would "spell" out two acroynms that are "commonly" used hahahahahahaha ROTFL

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chocolate Caramel Slice of Heaven

I’m  currently in the middle of writing my 2nd Semester exams and trying to organise 5 events at work while still dealing with my marketing plan for 2011 - PHEW. Needless to say things are rather hectic on my side...;) ;)

Last Friday while on study leave I decided that I needed a  break...and my idea of relaxing, is to make something. So instead of baking a cake -which I know myself and T would not finish- I opted to try out a recipe for Chocolate Caramel Slice. I tasted these pieces of “take one bite and add 5kgs to your waistline” @ work and boy was I impressed. I swore that when I made it at home, I would only have one slice...sherdam that never happened. These slices are SOOO good that you will be forced to share!

I resorted to calling friends and family and offering them caramel slices because I found myself opening my fridge every 2nd hour to “check on them”...while reading about the economic strategies of our time, all I saw in my head, were the “take one bite and add 5kgs to your waistline” pieces of sweet sticky yummy goodness.


Chocolate Caramel Recipe
250ml (1cup)self raising flour
125ml (1/2 cup) caramel brown sugar – I used white and turned out fine
250ml (1cup) dessicated coconut
125g (1/2 cup) butter or margarine, melted
1 can (380g) NESTLE Caramel Treat
150g Dark Chocolate
50g (2Tbl)butter or margarine
1.       Preheat oven to 180 °C
2.       Combine first 4 ingredients in a bowl and mix well
3.       Press evenly into a greased 18cm x 28cm lamington pan – I used a brownie tin
4.       Bake for 15mins, then allow too cool
5.       Spread Caramel Treat over the base – go wild and add the whole tin
6.       Combine dark chocolate and butter over double boiler on low heat
7.       When chocolate mixture is melted and at a smooth consistency, spread over caramel base
8.       Refrigerate until set
9.       Cut into squares before serving

~Don’t you want to swim in that chocolate~

As hard as it might be to not let it set, trust me that it will be worth your while to have it set properly before eating. It took about an 1 ½ to set in the fridge..gave me time to study ;)

~So I tried to take a pic of TWO pieces of choc caramel slices but I struggled to contain myself and kept biting into the one piece~

If I had kids and I was throwing a party for them I would definitely make these again! Hell I’m going to make them again just for the sake of making them ;)- I will invite friends over again and we shall accompany the goodness with some Patron (a friend who came by on Fri night to collect some slices suggested we have it with a shot of Patron and I couldn’t say no – trust me...they work well together!!!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feel Good Pick Me Up

I've just been so franctic lately! Sure we all know that feeling of almost drowning and how hard it can be to breathe sometimes...

took sometime out this morning to visit a friends blog, littlemissconceptions, and she had posted the following video..

UBER cool!!

Take 2minutes out of ur day to watch it......Tongue out

Can't think of a better word to describe how COOL it is..My old english teacher would murder me for abusing this word hahaha

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You like presents?!?!

I LOVEEE receiving presents...It doesnt matter what's on the inside but there is just something exhilerating about opening a present..

maybe its the excitement to find out what's inside..but for me the excitement is all about the wrapping and pretty brght bows..and the slow way in which you untie the bow or the fast way you rip off the paper...

either way

we all love receiving presents ;) ;)

It's my uncles birthday this coming weekend and he stays in Swaziland..I can't DHL a cake to him, nor can I get my mom to take one down with her (she is going this weekend and the chocolate would melt ruining my pretty designs) so the next best thing ,,,is biscuits..but these..are not ur ordinary biscuits...these are super melt in your mouth balls of goodness (that sounds so wrong but get ur mind out of the gutter hahaha)

Affectionately know as KOURAMBIETHES or as I call them (seriously) "melt in your mouth balls"! Its the young crazy chick in me...

So I stayed up until 1 last night making these...I hope they get to Swaziland safely...
- I hope they don't get devoured on the way there...
- I hope my uncle enjoys opening this box of goodies as much as I love receiving pressies...
- I hope the family all enjoy them!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Flops never hurt no1

My friends son turned 2 this weekend and I was "commissioned" to make Barney cupcakes. The initial plan was to have the actual image of Barney on the cake, but the official catering company was doing that and after much discussion we decided to make something different..

the plan was to make plain vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing - using the colours of Barney (purple, green and yellow) 9 YES yellow features in Barney not ON Barney) :)

I spent Friday nighr preparing the goods (along with other orders that I had) so only slept at 1 am. woke at 7am to decorate the goodies...
finally we leave the house....all im thinking is how happy I am that my friends ordered from me for a PARTY! Yay...
The sun was beltering on saturday so I opted to move the box of cupcakes from my lap (out of direct sunlight) to the floor (cool shade)

I don't know what the F happened but in a SPLITTT second, my beautiful piping was DE-STROY-ED!!! SH* man.. I was so sad I burst into tears (I think it was fatigue) but shoo I cried..and cired some more...

Good news though is that the kiddies still ate the cupcakes (the ones that looked good) and they preferred them to the catering companies that made my day! :)

What an experience!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

**Woes of summer**

The days of summer... know when the days start getting hot, ladies where shorter dresses and men start saying "EISH" (supposedly in a good way) when a nice woman walks passed...yeah those days are upon us dear bloggers...and as always...the gyms start getting full! Monday evening at 6pm, summertime - the gym is a NO GO ZONE unless u like waiting in line to use any of the machines..

Why oh why do people wait until summer to start working out...I am not exempt from this question!! I too have waited until the last minute to do something about the extra winter weight..instead of just sticking to my routine that I started in feb this year, I decided to go into hibernation along with all the other warm blooded animals, and have only now started thinking "oops I better get rid of these 5kg's" hahaha

So on my journey to try and get back into things, I opted NOT to have a packet of flings today as my afternoon snack and opted to have a glass of fresh orange juice...which I juiced at work!! I am busy with THEE most mundane task so any minute away from my desk is BLISS!! :)

Trying to be healthy in an office full of people who don't rteally care can be challenging...while I'm drinking my orange juice, I can hear the rustling of chip packets and chocolates...

ARGGHHHHHH Once it becomes a way of life, I am sure it will be easier...right??!?


Friday, September 17, 2010

Mid month meal masked as month end special

I've been b*tching and moaning lately about how I feel like the slave in our house by always cooking and cleaning...and guess what...this time my complaints did not fall on deaf ears!!

The other night T made us dinner...I love it when he cooks! He puts a lot of time and effort into it, though he would probably diasgree or perhaps it just seems that way because he doesn't just throw things in the pan (as I sometimes do)...and I LOVE that he CAN cook..and believe me when I tell you that he cooks more than just rice and/or a boiled egg!

BONUS - he's also a sexy cook...

but enough of my "dreamy-moments-watching-this-sexy-man-cook-while-I-sit-on-the-couch-looking-like-a-lovesick-puppy" ;)

Order of the night...Pasta a la T :)


Pasta - any shape? We used the shells because it's what we had in the cupboard
Can of tomatoe and onion mix (works well when you're lazy to chop things up yourself)
Thyme - doesn't have to be fresh but fresh is always better
Garlic and Chilli mix
Worcester Sauce


Pasta - boil until al dente..
Set aside and keep some of the strained water for the tomatoe gravy

Tomatoe Sauce

Fry Garlic and Chillies until brown. How much oil to use?? Not a lot of course because we're ading loads of fat later
Add tomatoe and onion mix
Add a few dashes of Worcester Sauce (I think the spelling of this sauce is wrong - but its pronounded "whooster" sauce - well that;s how I pronounce it anyway ;)) T added about 5 or 6?
Add one heaped teaspoon of Thyme
Add about 2 tablespoons of the leftover pasta water to the mix

Cover pan with lid and allow sauce to cook for a few minutes (how many minutes - maybe 15minutes? I'm not sure) Our test is to use a wooden spoon when mixing and when u part the sauce, it needs to separate for a few seconds (maybe 2) - almost like the biblical parting of the sea ;)

THENNNN the final touch - what made this a SPECIAL mid month special :) - add the creamy mascarpone!! We (or rather T) added half the tub ;) Stir all together, allow to simmer on very low setting...

Mid month meal masked as month end special is now ready to be DEVOURED!!

I didn't only have seconds...I had third helping as well! But I'll work off the pasta ..*wink wink*

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A favour for a friend on her wedding day...

So it was a very good friends traditional wedding this weekend! What an amazing occassion it was. I had to be at the house from 8 in the am to experience the "behind-the-scenes" of such an occassion and wow wow wow~! It was truly awesome...I cried..the entire morning...Of joy of course

We've been friends for about 8 years ..had a fall out 2 years ago and never spoke during that time. I missed her. I'm glad that we're able to talk again...when we just met we used to chill on the couch and talk about how one day we would both be married (our boyfriends are cousins) and how our kids would more than likely grow up together...and its happening..hence the tears!! Tears of joy I might add....

Anyway I made her red velvety goodness cupcakes for her and husband to enjoy after the wedding! :) Even though I hid the box in her mom's room during the day, someone managed to get a hold of the box and ate every single cupcake! I guess I should be honoured - that must mean they were good - right? hahaha

Guess I'll be making these again...but it was awesome making them ...considering the fact that I was making them for a very good friend on her wedding day....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weird song to love..yes what..

Found this on another blog that I follow..I'm sure when she posted this song at the time, she was hurtingbut the song jingle doesn't go with that mood...maybe that's how she';s dealing with her pain...

I listened to the song expecting it to be sad...but the jingle is actaulyl really cool! this is a song I can hear myself singing along to!

Don't u ever feel like saying F#$%#% u to someone?? I'd love to sing it to someone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colours of my cupcake...

I don't know what's happened to me in the last month or so but I'm on a foodie roll! :) And note that I don't make them to eat all of them. I make them because I love baking and making things look pretty...and blogging about them AND finally (and maybe the most important point) I love giving them away!!! Think I should start charging for my services haha

Cupcakes make u happy..or should I say make me happy (amongst other things like GOOD SHOES!!!!)..all the pretty colours in one tiny cute package! YUMMY! And watching people eat good cupcakes is even better!!! My aim in the next few months - be the cupcake queen who has UBER style (thinking of shoes here :)

I was up until 11:30 last night decorating these..dropped them off at mums office this am :)

Do I Love giving - hell to the yeah!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

I heart chocolate..

Last week I rushed to get three assignments completed and submitted in two days (SHEESSH)..needless to say that when I should have bend focussing on my studies, I was thinking about othe what shoes I'm going to buy this month, what to wear to a friends wedding this weekend..and what else can I eat??

I couldn't get to the shop so I dug up old recipe books (filled with things I find on the net nad then cut and paste into the book) and found the chocolate cake in a mug recipe (from some online recipe thing last year)... Took about 10minutes to mix and throw eeverything into the MICROWAVE!! The mixture was too much for one person in a mug so I decided to "gooi" them in the oven and made two lil chocolate cupcakes...

Chocolate never disappoints!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thicky Thins..LOVE this song and this video and her "thicky thins"

Thicky thins...a term used by a male friend once upon a time! He said girls with thick thighs (but those which are solid) are thicky thins. Make sense...nope not much! But I love her body and her voice ,,,,her voice is rough and gritty and unique...and fresh! My number one love is still Missy Elliott but Miss Minaj is close behind Missy ;)

This is the song that will get me through today! Do yourself a favour and wacth the video... the guys in the vid do some WEIRDDD stuff with their arms!Can u say FLEXY?! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

My weekend - like a picture book ;)

Mixture for shortbread..rubbing my hand through this mixture was so much fun! It took me back to my days in Swaziland, in my grannys kitchen when I used to stand on her kitchen chair to reach the table..would help her mix everything together and wait eagerly for the freshly baked goods...GOOD MEMORIES!!
Close up of the buttery goodness
End product
My lovely sister playing with the decor for my cupcakes..
Last Saturday we went for drinks @ the office in Greenside..will do another post on the venue..but this was a gingerbread mule followed by a Jagerbomb! hmmm goodie!
I met mom, Jand L (my younger sister - one is 17 and the other is 25) for breakfast at Blubird Shopping center..there is this really great old school family-togetherness- feeling restaurant there called Bay Leaf and Sage..awesome service and awesome food in an awesome setting (too many awesomes?? haha)  Do yourself a favour and wake up early one saturday or sunday am - have breakfast there! Your body will thank you.
J had this for lunch...a creamy pesto pasta with chicken and mushrooms...really good
J's favourite - Cappuccino with LOTSSSS of cream! And she has this allll the time but doesn't put on any wright! ARGH hate it!! Wish I was that lucky,,I just look at it and I gain 1kg ;)
This was Sunday Lunch..well Monday lunch with the family...was my grannys birthday (she turned 68 this year but doesn't look a day over 50!!) and we decided to invite the family over for lunch! I LOVE family time!! With all my heart and soul! In this mix is Roasted Potatoes, Lamb Stew, Mutton Curry, Savoury Rice, Chicken Breyani, Creamed Spinach, Butternut, J's special Pasta Thermador, Baked Bean salad and potatoe salad - with wine on the side of course :)
Part 2 of family get together....We had pancakes with strawberrys and cream and/or ice cream - whatever you wished for :) These strawberrys make me happy cos they're soooo fresh and bright and earthy! Summer is DEFINITELY on its way! Cannot wait to experiment with strawberry desserts! nyom nyom!
A chocolate cake that I made at 0830 in the am! I don't lik waking up early but it was a special day for granny so I was up with the birds busy "bee-ing" it up in the kitchen...
I tried to be different with my always...and decided to tear my pancake into long strips and then layer it with cream AND ice cream with strawberrys thrown in the mix...needless to say it was way too much for my to finish ...but it was soooo pretty!! just look at it! :)

And that my dear friends is what I got up to sometime ago :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mercury never looked so good.

What do you do when u have a crazy day at work and cannot face anything or anyone?!?!

You go into the kitchen and take your time preparing lunch (that's what I resorted to yesterday). Took a leisurely stroll to the shop, bought a few things and threw it together :)

Yellow peppers
Mixed Salad with herbs (don't know what herbs?)
Tuna aka mercury

Honey and Mustard Salad Dressing

Enjoyed with diluted Fanta Orange (yes I'm weird like that I dilute my drinks!) :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Your birthdate

Age in years26.98
Age in months324
Age in days9846
Age in hours236303
Age in minutes14178196
Age in seconds850691774
Age in Milli seconds85069177372
Age in weeks1407
You born on Sunday

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

After a freaking day from helllll...

I want to go home and ...

A Letter From Hell

and eat this...

but I won' tempting as it is....

Friday, July 30, 2010


So my other food blog, featured on the MAIN page of the website - yes the MAIN PAGE - today and I have received more than  4000 views and a 5/5 rating!! I'm not that fased by the small stuff but the fact that I saw it on THEEE MAINNNN PAGEEEEE 
Made me jump for joy and skip around my office like a young kid!!