Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Fitness

We're doing it old school style baby Cool

You know in January most people have these great ftiness plans to get healthy and stop the monotony of being the couch potatoe...well I was that person up until I walked into the gym, only to realise that our contract had ended in Dec 2010 - due to not going 24 times in the 12 month cycle - Bad/smack on the wrist..I know.

Since then I've decided to take a different approach with this fitness 'thing'..instead of waking up helluva early to join the masses at the gym, I will rather meet up with my sisters and thrash out all frustration on the squash court..We started doing it in Nov last year and the fact that we got to spend time together made it that much better. I used to brag to my youngest sister about being the squash mamba (snake yes hehe) - until she silenced me on the court.

Shoelaces tied, hair up, earrings off....Let's see how this 'doing-random-things-to-keep-fit thing goes'.

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