Thursday, January 06, 2011

Something fun for you foodies

These questions were taken from a blog that I follow. To see her answers click here

Was there a defining moment, or did you always know that you were a foodie?
Yes I think there probably happened when I was living alone and chose to cook new meals instead of buying take aways? Last year was the year that stood out for me as a 'foodie' because I started my own business making all things confectionery! I took my foodie love to a new level and its been wonderful! I LOVE being in the kitchen and am not shy to say so ;)

What would you do with 3 courgettes; an apple, an onion, a stick of butter and one cup of flour. You may add one ingredient, plus water.
I would add an egg,,,then make a batter type thing and dip the courgettes in it, lightly fry it in the stick of the apple while im cooking haha

What is the most ghastly tasting thing you have ever eaten?
Some live something while on a business trip in Paris..the menu wasnt in english..I trusted a friend who said she spoke frnech to choose my meal for me..and I specified no liver..and she ordered liver hahaha I can laugh about it now but when the food was in front of me it wasn't that funny..

What is the ugliest looking thing you have ever eaten?
mopani worms - DITTO on this one...

Assuming you were stranded on an island, there is fire, water and provisions. What single cooking utensil would you want to have with you?
My pan..

What sign of the Zodiac are you and do you think it influences your cooking character?
Leo, and yes as I like to be in charge in the kitchen - well I'm a LEO as well and have never thought about how my star sign influences my cooking? hahah I guess I do like to be in charge in the kitchen?

Are you a fanatically tidy or shamefully messy in the kitchen?

Eish...I'm a bit of both but I'm sure my sisters would say I am shamefully messy?

How many frying pans do you own?

I have ONE non stick frying pan! Madness need to buy more...and one thick based pan

What is your all time dream kitchen appliance to own?
A Kitchen Aid mixer - yes please...its what dreams are made of!

Have you ever had rumpy-pumpy (slap & tickle) in a kitchen?
hahaha hell to the yeah!! :)

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