Monday, September 20, 2010

**Woes of summer**

The days of summer... know when the days start getting hot, ladies where shorter dresses and men start saying "EISH" (supposedly in a good way) when a nice woman walks passed...yeah those days are upon us dear bloggers...and as always...the gyms start getting full! Monday evening at 6pm, summertime - the gym is a NO GO ZONE unless u like waiting in line to use any of the machines..

Why oh why do people wait until summer to start working out...I am not exempt from this question!! I too have waited until the last minute to do something about the extra winter weight..instead of just sticking to my routine that I started in feb this year, I decided to go into hibernation along with all the other warm blooded animals, and have only now started thinking "oops I better get rid of these 5kg's" hahaha

So on my journey to try and get back into things, I opted NOT to have a packet of flings today as my afternoon snack and opted to have a glass of fresh orange juice...which I juiced at work!! I am busy with THEE most mundane task so any minute away from my desk is BLISS!! :)

Trying to be healthy in an office full of people who don't rteally care can be challenging...while I'm drinking my orange juice, I can hear the rustling of chip packets and chocolates...

ARGGHHHHHH Once it becomes a way of life, I am sure it will be easier...right??!?


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