Friday, September 17, 2010

Mid month meal masked as month end special

I've been b*tching and moaning lately about how I feel like the slave in our house by always cooking and cleaning...and guess what...this time my complaints did not fall on deaf ears!!

The other night T made us dinner...I love it when he cooks! He puts a lot of time and effort into it, though he would probably diasgree or perhaps it just seems that way because he doesn't just throw things in the pan (as I sometimes do)...and I LOVE that he CAN cook..and believe me when I tell you that he cooks more than just rice and/or a boiled egg!

BONUS - he's also a sexy cook...

but enough of my "dreamy-moments-watching-this-sexy-man-cook-while-I-sit-on-the-couch-looking-like-a-lovesick-puppy" ;)

Order of the night...Pasta a la T :)


Pasta - any shape? We used the shells because it's what we had in the cupboard
Can of tomatoe and onion mix (works well when you're lazy to chop things up yourself)
Thyme - doesn't have to be fresh but fresh is always better
Garlic and Chilli mix
Worcester Sauce


Pasta - boil until al dente..
Set aside and keep some of the strained water for the tomatoe gravy

Tomatoe Sauce

Fry Garlic and Chillies until brown. How much oil to use?? Not a lot of course because we're ading loads of fat later
Add tomatoe and onion mix
Add a few dashes of Worcester Sauce (I think the spelling of this sauce is wrong - but its pronounded "whooster" sauce - well that;s how I pronounce it anyway ;)) T added about 5 or 6?
Add one heaped teaspoon of Thyme
Add about 2 tablespoons of the leftover pasta water to the mix

Cover pan with lid and allow sauce to cook for a few minutes (how many minutes - maybe 15minutes? I'm not sure) Our test is to use a wooden spoon when mixing and when u part the sauce, it needs to separate for a few seconds (maybe 2) - almost like the biblical parting of the sea ;)

THENNNN the final touch - what made this a SPECIAL mid month special :) - add the creamy mascarpone!! We (or rather T) added half the tub ;) Stir all together, allow to simmer on very low setting...

Mid month meal masked as month end special is now ready to be DEVOURED!!

I didn't only have seconds...I had third helping as well! But I'll work off the pasta ..*wink wink*

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