Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Colours of Autumn

I have to admit that Autumn is not my favourite season BUT I will take it...only because it's followed by my best season!

*I love the cold of winter..more reasons to snuggle up under the covers.
*Crackling Fireplace, Soft NEW blankets that are smooth and almost velvety *
*Comfort Food...bring on the oven baby! :) :)  and the slow cookers (I still need to get one of those)
* I can stay home on a friday night and not feel bad or old for staying in when others are hitting the streets. * The thing about summer is that youre almost compelled to be outdoors. Don't get me wrong., I love being out and about with peoplw, but I love the intimacy of winter more than anything else.

Come on, we can still have braais in winter!:)

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