Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bite That Bunny

My boss gave each of us these Lindt bunnies last week, before everyone went away for the Easter break. Now, I LOVE chocolate, but no other chocolate quite compares to Lindt. I had such a busy weekend though that I was unable to devour the liwwle bunny wabbit until yesterday evening.

Unwrapping this bunny neatly was so much fun. What was even better was ...snapping the head off..some say this sounds sick and violent..but I say..don't knock it till you've tried it! hahaha

I have to mention though that as amazing as Lindt is, there are limitations to its "awesome-mous-ness" (I know thats not a real word) - you cannot dunk your lindt into a cup of hot tea or coffee without it coming out with a weedy/mary jane flavoured taste. Then again, that could just be me...but I don't think that's the case ;) I still love you Lindt.


Cakebrain said...

I ate way too many of these little guys over the weekend! The're so good!

NuNuZa said...

they really are! I think they need to make them in their famous chilli chocolate flavour as well!