Wednesday, November 24, 2010


As a South African, you must have ONCE in your lifetime heard the call from a lady-with-a-powerful-voice shouting MIIEEELLIIIIEEESSSSSSS! Now yes I am generalising when I say that only South Africans have had the pleasure of experiencing this, I could be wrong?

My little sister was actually scared of the ladies who sold mielies...well it wasn't them that she scared was the mieeeliiiieeesss chant that scared her..for some reason she thought they were calling her! hahaha poor child

Yesterday I had another nostalgic moment - seems to be happening often lately..This time however, the women wasn't shouting out mielies but rather sitting on the side of the road quietly with her produce on was cold..and raining..and I was lazy to cook!

~hmmm this pic is making my mouth water all over again!!~

So we had mielies for dinner...Cost me R12 for 2 mielies...cheapest dinner T and I have had in a longgggg time!
Dont know when last we had them..oh it was divine!! So simple yet so...sustaining..I had to add some salted butter though...just to gve it that extra oomph...*licklipsdelisch*


Wayne said...

Hi Nunuza, One question comes to mind..Why is the mielies from Woolworths tastier than other shops??
A comic strip about Madam and Eve also comes to mind where..the mielies lady was standing on the corner of their house screaming MMMIIEEELLLLIEEESSS..LLLEEEKKKEEERRR MIIIEEELLLLIIIEEESSS. Madam's mother got so peed off cause she could'nt enjoy her gin and tonic with all this noise that she went outside and bought all the mielies from this lady..peace and quite prevailed at last while ouma was sipping her gin and tonic back in the house when she suddenly heard "NNNNOOOO MMMOOORRREEE MMIIIEEELLLIIIEEEESSS III'VVVEE SSOOOLLDD IIITTT AAAALLLL!!!
Weird how I can remember that perticular comic strip but my forgot where I left my car in parking lots sometimes..weird...

Ladybird said...

Sometimes the simplest things are best - I just love sweetcorn with a little butter and salt - YUM!

NuNuZa said...

Wayne - that story had my giggling!!! hahaha

Sweetcorn rocks my world! Its all about the simple R6.00 pleasures in life ;)