Monday, August 16, 2010

My weekend - like a picture book ;)

Mixture for shortbread..rubbing my hand through this mixture was so much fun! It took me back to my days in Swaziland, in my grannys kitchen when I used to stand on her kitchen chair to reach the table..would help her mix everything together and wait eagerly for the freshly baked goods...GOOD MEMORIES!!
Close up of the buttery goodness
End product
My lovely sister playing with the decor for my cupcakes..
Last Saturday we went for drinks @ the office in Greenside..will do another post on the venue..but this was a gingerbread mule followed by a Jagerbomb! hmmm goodie!
I met mom, Jand L (my younger sister - one is 17 and the other is 25) for breakfast at Blubird Shopping center..there is this really great old school family-togetherness- feeling restaurant there called Bay Leaf and Sage..awesome service and awesome food in an awesome setting (too many awesomes?? haha)  Do yourself a favour and wake up early one saturday or sunday am - have breakfast there! Your body will thank you.
J had this for lunch...a creamy pesto pasta with chicken and mushrooms...really good
J's favourite - Cappuccino with LOTSSSS of cream! And she has this allll the time but doesn't put on any wright! ARGH hate it!! Wish I was that lucky,,I just look at it and I gain 1kg ;)
This was Sunday Lunch..well Monday lunch with the family...was my grannys birthday (she turned 68 this year but doesn't look a day over 50!!) and we decided to invite the family over for lunch! I LOVE family time!! With all my heart and soul! In this mix is Roasted Potatoes, Lamb Stew, Mutton Curry, Savoury Rice, Chicken Breyani, Creamed Spinach, Butternut, J's special Pasta Thermador, Baked Bean salad and potatoe salad - with wine on the side of course :)
Part 2 of family get together....We had pancakes with strawberrys and cream and/or ice cream - whatever you wished for :) These strawberrys make me happy cos they're soooo fresh and bright and earthy! Summer is DEFINITELY on its way! Cannot wait to experiment with strawberry desserts! nyom nyom!
A chocolate cake that I made at 0830 in the am! I don't lik waking up early but it was a special day for granny so I was up with the birds busy "bee-ing" it up in the kitchen...
I tried to be different with my always...and decided to tear my pancake into long strips and then layer it with cream AND ice cream with strawberrys thrown in the mix...needless to say it was way too much for my to finish ...but it was soooo pretty!! just look at it! :)

And that my dear friends is what I got up to sometime ago :)


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